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Easter Eggs You Always Miss In Movies


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Hunting for Easter eggs in movies has become a passion for large numbers of movie geeks out there. In fact, there's no shortage of YouTube channels whose whole deal is all about pointing out Easter eggs you might have missed in movies or even just their trailers. Movie sites and wikis abound with lists of Easter eggs to be found in your favorite flicks. And yet, even with all that, there are some Easter eggs from classic movies that don't appear on any site or YouTube video for some reason. In fact, once we point them out to you, you'll wonder how you missed these amazing Easter Eggs for so, so long. Here's a whole basket of movie Easter eggs that no one has ever thought to point out — until now…

Malls attract strange company | 0:42
Bill and Ted's Bogus Holiday | 2:05
Guardians of the Gal-eggs-y | 3:23
Nightmare Before Easter | 4:38
The big picture | 6:01
The Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town | 7:06
Who Hard-Boiled Roger Rabbit | 8:37

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