2K Kathali - Part 6 | Ft. Guru, Deepa Balu, Vishwa, Raja, Vickey G | Naakout | Allo Media

Allo Media Presents 2K Kathali - Part 6 ft. Guru, Deepa. Raja, Vishwa, Vickey G

It's Hard to Survive In Relationship Being a 90's Kid With The Current Gen 2k Kids.
Here is a fun video by Naakout which shows the different tastes and preferences of a 90's boyfriend and a 2K girlfriend.

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Cast - Guru Lakshman, Deepa, Vishwa, Raja, Vickey G
Written & Directed - Karimullah
Cinematography - Naveen
Editing : Deepak anto V
Assistant Cinematography - Jeeva & Naveen
Poster Design -Jeevanandham.DJ
Social Media Manager - Vijay Kumar
CFO - Vishwa
Channel Head - Raja S

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Contact & Whatsapp : +91 7418396837

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