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World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Canada, Russia & Eastern Europe

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00:00:00 Russia - The Long Road to Siberia
They run through deserts, through ice and snow, deep into the jungle, along the water, and over the mountains. The landscapes through which these routes wind are unique and exert their never-ending fascination even on regular travelers.

42:34:24 Highway to the Arctic
Every winter, ice roads are built across hundreds of miles in Canada's far north, connecting frozen rivers and lakes, and stretching up to the very northern tip of the country by the Arctic Ocean. For the people living in the remote villages of this region these “ice highways” are of vital importance. Until April, trucks are coming up here all the way from down south, bringing supply goods for the whole year to these locals, and life changes until the ice roads are melting again and disappearing into the ocean.

01:25:11 The Canadian Ice Roads
The Canadian ice roads exist only for a few months in the winter when the ice is thick enough. The only time of the year when goods can be transported up to Northern Manitoba. We accompany the truckers Vlad and Hugh as well as the aboriginal Canadian Scott with his pick-up on their long journey to a village called God’s Lake. A risky trip in icy temperatures, sometimes even below - 60 degrees Celcius.

02:02:44 The Adriatic Highway
The “Adriatic Highway” is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. The “technical masterwork” was built in the 1950s and 60s, at the time of Yugoslavian President Tito. Abounding in curves, the asphalt road stretches from Ankaran in Slovenia to Ulcinj in Montenegro. More than half of the road is in Croatia (659 km) and a quarter in Montenegro (125 km). Shorter segments lead through Slovenia; only nine kilometers are in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For all four countries of the former Yugoslavian Federation, the 1,200-kilometer-long highway remains the main thoroughfare of Adriatic tourism.
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