Gangs Of Puri | Official Trailer | Odia Web Series | Kanccha Lannka Original

Kanccha Lannka Presents Gangs of Puri

Production by TechnoArt Productionz starring KK, Aman, Choudhury Jayprakash Das, Hara Rath, Rabi Mishra, Bhakti Das, Udit Guru, Ankita Mohanty, Pranab Rath, Anjana Das and others.


Producer - Anupam Patnaik and Barsha Patnaik
Director - Anupam Patnaik and Jagdish Mishra
Cinematography - Deepak Kumar
Editor - Rashmi Ranjan Dash
Screenplay and Dialogues - Pranab Rath, Amit Kumar Dash and Jagdish Mishra
Music & Background Score - Ashish Pradhan
Sound Design - Shakti Swaroop Dwibedy
Post Production - Digital Dreams

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