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Battlefield 5 Unofficial Reveal Trailer - Using War Movie Clips 2018

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This is the Battlefield 5 The Core Fans Want!!!!!!!
A Genuine WW2 Experience!
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These are the Demands of the Core Community of Battlefield :
1) Remove Female soldiers from majority of Battles : IE Maps Like Omaha Beach, Iwo Jima, large scale battles. As this is completely historically inaccurate and offensive to WWII Veterans who fought and died. You can keep Female soldiers for Battle of Stalingrad / French Resistance. Much like you did for Battlefield 1. The US Forces / British Forces did not deploy females to frontline combat! No woman was deployed storming the beaches of Normandy!! It is just unacceptable. This is not a sexism issue, this is a historical accuracy issue
2) No Allied Forces wielding Katanas or Braveheart Battlepaint / Prosthetics. You are making Battlefield look like Steam punk and Fortnite. We want to see Japanese soldiers wielding Katanas!
3) Stop pushing Liberal Social Justice Agendas down players throats in Battlefield. The core players that have played since Battlefield 1942, want genuine historical content, not content that aims to "not offend" players that do not actually play Battlefield.
Historically Correct Over Politically Correct
4) People want a genuine WW2 experience! Please Listen to your Fans, like Battlefield 1942
5) And for God's sake, get a new video director.

The Core of the True Battlefield Community will remain ready to boycott this game until our demands are met.
We are sick and tired of giving you 16 years of our loyalty as fans only to be ignored and crammed with side agendas!
You have Our Terms,
Your True Fanbase

As a BF 1942 player from 2002, For 16 years Battlefield V was everything I had hoped for to be the ultimate WW2 Game, unfortunately EA / DICE dropped the ball, and instead of focusing on historical correctness, they pandered political correctness. It's not too late to save Battlefield V. Out of respect to World War II veterans, your company should be acknowledging history. Listen to your True Core Fans, they want a genuine WW2 Experience! Not a Steam Punk / Fortnite / Mad Max experience! This is not about sexism / racism. Your core members do not want political agendas shoved down their throats

Clips from :
Saving Private Ryan
Band of Brothers
Thin Red Line
Flags of Our Fathers
Enemy At the Gates

Respect to All Veterans Living and Dead of World War II


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