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Burning deserts and massive mountain ranges: the state of Nevada in the American West is an uncompromising land. In this rugged landscape, Men with their original, rough-hewn characters live out their purest aspirations. Nevada is the site of the Burning Man Festival, a utopian space of ephemeral creations in the heart of the desert. The cowboy tradition is still alive and well in this state that can seem like a page out of the Old West. While in Las Vegas, the world’s most intrepid daredevils vie with the eagles.

For several years now, Matt Schultz has been creating works of art that he installs and exposes during the Burning Man, this music and contemporary art festival totally off-the-wall. Matt lives in Reno, situated in a mountainous region in the northwest of Nevada near California. He often heads to Black Rock desert. Black Rock is not your ordinary desert. In this season it’s empty and barren like any other desert. But for one week a year, at the end of August, a huge crowd gathers here for a totally off-the-wall music and arts festival: Burning Man.

Andy Hedges is a musician from Texas. He’s 35 and is part of a young generation captivated by The Cowboy Culture. Now, he’s touring Nevada, driving on Highway 50, which Life magazine once called, “The Loneliest Road in America.” Traveling this route, Andy is sure to find the genuine America, the America that he recaptures in his songs.

Tex Coe runs an airline that is nothing like other companies. It’s specialized in aerobatics. Las Vegas International Airport. 8 A.M. The entire crew is out on the tarmac to prepare the aircraft for the day’s flights… with tender loving care! Tex Coe heads this gang of daredevils. For 11 years he was part of the Air Force’s elite corps of fighter pilots. Today for Tex and his crew, aerobatics is their way of defying death, but they do it with a laugh. A dangerous game but so very exciting!
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