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How To Make A Garden Style Urn Arrangement Using Floral Pillow

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Syndicate sales / Holly Chappel pillow in classic Garden style urn arrangement

This fabulous Flemish inspired garden arrangement works really well in this urn container, and the floral pillow was the perfect armature for holding the large selection of flowers chosen. Adding some of the bigger materials higher up, and the heavy stems of malus and cymbidium didn’t cause any problem to the pillow, which with the top and lower level gives full support. And the great thing is - you can use the pillow again and again. Keep it clean and look after it and you could have it for years.

Ingredients - lots! You can choose what you have available but we used a real mixture - blooms, vendela roses, dill, pistache, fatsia, grasses, hard ruskus, French ruskus, cymbidium, malus on stems, lisianthus, wax flower, skimmia

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